Are You Licensed?

Yes, Brannock Enterprises is a fully-licensed Class A General Contractor (License #2701031421), Builder Classification, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We have more than 30 years’ experience providing general contracting services to residential and commercial clients throughout Virginia. We are licensed to provide the following services for projects of any size in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

  • Home Improvement Contracting
  • Masonry Contracting
  • Roofing Contracting
  • Recreational Facility Contracting
  • Farm Improvement Contracting
  • Landscape Service Contracting

Are You Insured?

Yes, Brannock Enterprises is fully insured.

Why Should We Choose You for Our Building Project?

Guy Brannock and his team members at Brannock Enterprises have provided general contracting and remodeling services to residential clients throughout Northern Virginia since 1984. Our clients have included prominent business leaders and government officials, and we have managed projects ranging from $50,000 kitchen remodeling projects all the way up to multi-million dollar new home construction and home improvement projects.

How Are You Different From Other Home Builders / General Contractors?

Our clients tell us that they especially appreciate these distinguishing characteristics of our company:

  1. Transparent Open Book Accounting Practices
  2. To our knowledge, there is no other home builder or remodeling company serving our area that offers the detailed transparent open book accounting that we provide to each and every client.

    When you choose to work with Brannock Enterprises, you will receive a complete and detailed accounting of every item purchased and supplied, as well as the markup (profit) on each item supplied to fulfill our contract with you. You will not be surprised with unanticipated cost overruns or expenses.

  3. Caring Client Communication
  4. When we agree to accept your home building or home remodeling project, you become an integral part of the building process. We take time to listen and understand your vision and your objectives, and we offer alternative solutions to achieve your vision within your desired budget. We educate you about your options and help you gain clarity on what is — and what is not — possible to accomplish within the agreed-upon scope of work.

  5. Hands-On Personal Involvement
  6. Guy Brannock personally supervises each project from the early beginning stages to completion. Guy typically visits each client’s work site at least 3-4 times each week to monitor progress, ensure quality standards are being met, and to consult with and answer your questions at each stage of the project. Guy is a hands-on builder who usually takes the lead on implementing the various parts of the project to be crafted and assembled.

  7. Superior Artistry, Creativity and Craftsmanship
  8. Our clients regularly praise Guy and his team for the artistic creativity, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail we provide. Every home we build or remodel is unique and customized to that client’s vision and lifestyle.

  9. Creative Problem Solving
  10. Even the best-planned construction or remodeling projects sometimes present unanticipated problems that require creative solutions. Finding solutions to those problems while keeping the project progressing on schedule and within the agreed-upon budget is one of Brannock Enterprises’ unique capabilities and strengths.

  11. Willingness to Accommodate Special Requests
  12. We are willing to discuss and accommodate your special requests, including the selection of skilled and experienced tradesmen / subcontractors who perform specific tasks/services under our Construction Agreement.

    How Do We Get Started on Our Remodeling or Building Project?

    Before we do anything else, we meet with you for a free no-obligation consultation in your home. We ask questions designed to clarify and help us both understand your needs, wants and dreams for the project. Based upon your expectations and a mutually agreed budget, we can proceed to the next step.

    If you choose to proceed after our initial consultation with you, then we will schedule a second meeting to get detailed measurements and photo document the site. With all this information we can now create preliminary drawings, and cost analysis for review.

    We will present you with our preliminary designs and cost analysis. Future review will be needed to approve the preliminary plans and budget, select all the materials and products needed for the project and create the final drawings, specifications and cost schedule.

    One more meeting to approve the final design, time schedule, cost schedule and Construction Agreement.

    Once construction begins, we like to meet face-to-face with you at least once a week. Daily reports are completed to document daily progress. Weekly reports summarize completed task and outline the next week’s agenda.

    After the project is complete we will schedule a 30-day walk-through of the project and a one-year walk-though of the project.

    How Long Will it Take to Complete Our Project?

    Every project is different, and every client is different, so it is impossible to estimate how long it will take to complete your home building or renovation project before we’ve had a chance to meet with you, talk with you, listen to you describe your vision, and clarify what is and isn’t possible within your budget.

    As a general rule, you should expect that it will take at least 3 months just to plan your project. Having said that, however, we may be able to expedite your project depending on the scope of your project and our own project calendar at the time we meet with you.

    The planning stage includes time to clarify the scope of the project and finalize the budget, research and decide on fixtures, appliances, finishes and other elements that will go into your project, and to price those elements — as well as the time required to obtain official building permits that are required before construction can begin.

    The construction phase can take weeks or months, depending, again, on a variety of factors. We can give you an educated best guess as to the amount of time it will take to complete your project after our initial consultation.